About Us

Chennai-based Rajam property management services are the dynamic leader in its industry. With an excellent reputation among NRI’s and people staying outside Chennai, the company provides various quality property management solutions. These include original bookings, investments, documentation, transfers, property survey, sale-purchase of residential & commercial properties, relocation services, renovation services, property maintenance, and tenant services in Chennai.

A branch into the hospitality sector for Rajam property was done with the sole aim of offering comfort, quality, and service to their clients – Rapro service apartments was the best avenue for this!

Rapro aims to provide you with an apartment that is already home as you walk into a space of luxury. The best part, however, is how you can also easily personalize and customize this space to make it yours. With quality accommodation, comfort and access all under one roof – Rapro is nothing short of a real home.

Our Chennai Team is managed by

MR. K. Chandrasekar, Managing Director of Rajam Property Management

And headed by

MS. S. Backiya, Head of Operations