Difference Between Hotels and Service Apartments?

The service apartments have started gaining traction in recent years. Service apartment has better facilities compared hotels. People who travel often for business or vacations can benefit by staying in service apartments. These apartments come with multiple rooms, a kitchen, and certain cleaning facilities. That basically means an apartment that you can rent similar to booking a hotel room.
But a major difference between hotels and serviced apartments is the price. On an average serviced apartments are cheaper than a hotel stay. It is also a home-away-from-home; plus the guest’s services are an added advantage.
The more staggering difference in prices comes when considering your length of stay. If you are staying at a temporary location for a few nights or even months the price of hotel stay may add up. Serviced apartments typically have flexible price ranges depending on the length of stay. Even, group bookings come at a significantly lower cost. Most service apartments are open to negotiation too. Overall, service apartments work out as a better option if you plan to stay for a longer duration in a temporary location.